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Your vision is the tip of the iceberg. Underneath lay big questions about operations, API endpoints, messaging, segmentation, edge cases, and more. Together we hone in on the ideal customer experience, and the specifics necessary to support it. We capture all the nitty gritty details, transforming your vision into an executable plan.

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  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • UX Analysis
  • UI Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Prototype
  • UX Testing
  • Collaborative Design
  • Mobile-First Approach

Products shape the future. And we shape them.

Great design is essential to business. Our design-thinking lead process permeates our organization and culture. Our designers are leaders in solving complex business challenges while giving users simple and memorable experiences. We specialize in cross-channel, user experience design for web platforms, web-based software applications and mobile applications. We’re early adopters of technology that allows for prototyping and collaboration. Our experienced and collaborative team create experiences that will delight your customers through innovative user experiences and interfaces.


We simplify complexity and significantly increase the learnability of your web or mobile application. We ensure that your users can easily learn and accomplish basic tasks every time they encounter the design.


Win over the hearts of your clients. We make users feel more empowered and smarter when using your app.


We keep costs low. Our deep understanding of the development process enables us to design apps that are highly functional so you can avoid costly re-works.

User Interface (UI)

Our UI design is more than aesthetics; it's about creating an intuitive and visually compelling interface. From color palettes that evoke emotions to button placements that guide effortlessly, every element is meticulously chosen for a harmonious digital symphony.

User Experience (UX)

User satisfaction is our compass. Our UX design goes beyond pretty screens; it's about understanding your users, anticipating their needs, and ensuring every click feels like a revelation. We map user journeys with precision, turning complexities into user-friendly pathways.

Mobile-First Approach

In a world glued to screens, mobile experience matters. Our designs are crafted with a mobile-first mindset, ensuring that whether your audience swipes, taps, or clicks, the experience is consistently delightful.

UX Analysis

Discovery of ideas and brainstorming, after that we analyze your business objectives, requirements, project details and provide our feedback that would help to build a better product. We will capture the user journeys and analyse the user personas. Deliverable – Information Architecture

UI Wireframes

Black & white prototypes of your future project. Wireframes help to solve usability issues, build functionality and interactions. This is when we convert your user journeys into interaction model. Deliverable – UI Wireframes

Visual Design

Visual design is a visualization of wire frames. These are the colored high fidelity mock-ups. It’s how your future product will look and feel. We know trends, we know everything about colors and identity. Deliverable – Visual Design PSDs (raw/open files).


We will provide a dummy app that can be used to check all the flows and interactions using an interactive prototyping tool such as Invision tool. This is how the final apps will and should look and feel.

UX Testing

We deploy tools and constantly monitor the effectiveness of the UX, UI and visual design, and make continuous changes to ensure great user traction, engagement, conversions, monetisation and other aspects of product / app dynamics. We also do quick tests, including A/B testing.

Collaborative Design

Your vision meets our expertise. We believe in a collaborative design process, involving you every step of the way. Your feedback is not just valued; it's an integral part of the creative dance that shapes your digital experience.

Some of our valued clients

our clients aren't just partners—they're the heartbeat of our success. From startups with groundbreaking dreams to established organizations seeking digital evolution, our collaborative journey is defined by your unique visions.

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Nextline's team demonstrated unparalleled expertise in web enhancement. Their commitment to understanding our unique needs and delivering tailored solutions exceeded our expectations.

Vishnu Aniyan
24 News

Working with Nextline was a game-changer for our startup. Their creativity and attention to detail not only improved our digital products but also enhanced our overall brand presence. Highly recommended!

Monson Joseph

Nextline provided invaluable strategic advice, guiding us to optimal results. Their collaborative approach and dedication to success make them a trusted partner for any digital project.

Solvyn Tom
C3 Racing

Nextline's ability to bring our vision to life was impressive. Their innovative solutions and seamless execution significantly elevated our online presence, resulting in positive user experiences

Shankar Pharmacy

The team at Nextline not only enhanced our website but also provided valuable insights for long-term digital strategy. Their dedication and professionalism made them a pleasure to work with.

Anil Emmanuel
Madhyama Syndicate

Nextline's collaborative and client-focused approach set them apart. Their responsiveness and attention to detail made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. We look forward to future collaborations.

JR Business Consultancy